Into the Wilderness: Art Blog

This is where we’ll share our creative reflections on wilderness. Some prompts to get you started:

What does the phrase “into the wilderness” bring to mind? We’d love to see or read your journey. If you need more ideas to get started, you could choose one of the prompts below:” 

– a time when you’ve felt “in the wilderness ” and what you learned or gained from that time of hardship or solitude 

– a time when you’ve felt a longing for wilderness as an antidote to all the “too much” around you 

– what does your inner wilderness look like? What does it say? Or does it whisper, sing, or dance?

Photos should be sized at least 1920 x 1080 px and may be sent to Jean W. (contact church office for email address) with the subject “Lent Photo.” Writing (poetry, prose) should be sent to Katrina D. (contact church office for email address) with the subject “Wilderness Blog.” Bring art pieces with an artist’s statement to church to display on one of the narthex tables. Photos may be used in worship slide show or on website and writing may be displayed in church or on the website Wilderness Blog. We will need permission to use any work, please sign a release form at

Wilderness Art Contributions

Photography by Steve Decker, Joyce Watson, Jean Woessner, Steve McArthur, and Anita Kurtz-Magee

Poems by Peggy Meinholtz March 2024

Poem by Beth Tayor-Wilson February 28 2024

Poem by Steve Decker February 18 2024

Poems by Anita-Kurtz-Magee, February 18 2024