Pastoral and Community Care at UCC Missoula

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care team extends confidential care and support to our members and friends as needed. Pastor John Lund and Rabbi Mark Kula offer listening, spiritual guidance, encouragement, counsel, resources, prayers and presence with people or families as they journey through life.  

Please call the office at 406-543-6952 if you wish to talk with one of the pastoral team.  If it’s after hours you can leave a message with Austin at the main desk or leave a message with Pastor John or Rabbi Mark on the church voicemail system.  You are also welcome to email Pastor John at or Rabbi Mark at

Hospital Visits

The pastoral staff is also ready to visit with you before, during, or after a hospital stay. Due to federal regulations, our local hospitals can no longer let our clergy know who is in the hospital. If you want a phone call or a visit, please reach out to us. (see above) 

UCC Prayer List

UCC Missoula keeps an ongoing prayer list that goes out in the E-blast and is shared on Sunday mornings during our community prayers.  If you have a prayer concern that you would like on the list, please contact Austin at

Community Care Ministry (CCM)

The Community Care Ministry is a group of trained and dedicated volunteers who are committed to the work of extending care and love to neighbors in need.  This may include care for families with new children, people in times of loss and grief, those who are sick or homebound, or someone who might need a listening ear.  This group meets every other week with pastoral staff to give updates, support, and prayer. If you would like a visit from a member of the CCM group, or if you would like to be part of the CCM group, please contact the office and we will get you connected.

Care Core Table

The UCC Care Core table, an outreach of CCM, is available every Sunday before and after worship with cards and pens for attendees to write notes of celebration, condolence, and caring.  This is a wonderful way to bring greater connection between our members and friends, show that we are here for one another, and be messengers of God’s grace to each other.

The Community Care Ministry (CCM) Team:  Carolyn Dewey, Kathy Flynn, Tom King, Anita Kurtz-Magee, Susan Lauren, Lillian Wenger, Bill Woessner, Jean Woessner, Rabbi Mark Kula and Pastor John Lund.  

Prayer Shawl Ministry

UCC Missoula maintains a Prayer Shawl Ministry, a group of knitters who knit as way to both pray and gift individuals needing encouragement with a beautiful shawl.  If you would like to be part of this care ministry, please contact Susan Lauren @ 406-529-3855.

The Pastoral Care team is a Committee at UCC Missoula.

News and Updates from the Pastoral and Community Care team:

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    We are the UCC Community Care Ministry (CCM). Following the teachings of Jesus and doing the holy work of caring and loving our neighbors is at the core of our CCM and pastoral care team. A dedicated group of Church members meet every other week sharing how we offer care, with visits, note writing, phone…

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