New to UCC?

UCC Missoula

405 University Avenue

Missoula, MT 59801


Worship Services:  10:00am Sundays, in person and online on Facebook at or Youtube at

Office Hours:  8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday; 9:00am-12:00pm

Why would I want to come here? 
Life is hard. God is love. Church is a way to bring those ideas together in a way that provides purpose, meaning and connection through Jesus. We form this community so that we can become more compassionate, loving, forgiving, and justice-seeking. We create a home in the world and a hope for the world.
What should I wear? 
Whatever you want. We’re not fancy or formal. We want you to feel comfortable.
What happens on Sunday mornings in worship? 
We’re going to sing and pray and listen to a message, and probably laugh a few times. There’s a printed order of service for those who want to hold on to something.  Almost everything else will be projected on the screens.
What is there for our kids? 
We are extremely blessed with strong programs for Children and Youth. During the “school year” we have Church School, outings and service projects for Preschool through High School. See our Children, Youth, and Family ministry pages here.
What about music? 
We primarily use a songbook called “The New Century Hymnal” but we use other music as well. If you see a number next to a song title, that means it’s written out in a hymnal (songbook) in the pew (bench) where you are sitting. If you don’t know the song and can’t read music, just kind of read along, we’ll bet you catch the hang of it soon.
What about the Bible? 
We love the Bible; we take it seriously within its historical, social and literary context. We don’t read the Bible literally or as “the final word.” We believe that God is Still Speaking every day.
Why do people put money in the plate?  What if I don’t have any money?   
Theologically, the offertory time is an opportunity to show gratitude for all the gifts God has given to us and to demonstrate reliance on God for continuing to give those gifts. Practically speaking, offerings pay for salaries, lights, heat and a lot of good work done through the church. Special offerings are taken to support other work.  Of course you do not have to donate.  If you wish to, you can give an offering online here at our giving page.
What if I’m not sure what I believe?  
You are in good company. We are a “non-creedal” church. That means that we don’t have a list of things we ask people to believe in, and we encourage people to grow, question, and change those beliefs over time. The relationship we have with God at age 6 should not be the same relationship we have at 60.