Green Team Archives: 2019 in Review

This is part of a series of “where we’ve been” historical snapshots of our ACTs and committees at UCC Missoula.

We met January, March, April, May, June, July, September, November and December.


  • $1000 total for 2019
    • $300 sponsored the Wild and Green Film Block for The Audience Awards Film Festival

In 2019, UCC had a new boiler installed and began using all plant-based cleaning products, and all paper products, paper towels and toilet paper were switched to recycled paper products.

Started the Glass recycling Program at UCC Spring 2019.

In March, we began going through the Creation Justice accreditation requirements and began the process. In May, Green Team members met with small groups to conduct interviews and crafted a Creation Justice Covenant. We distributed the Draft Covenant to the Cabinet in May and the Congregation in July. Green Team held after Church Listening Meetings in July, August, and September. The Congregation unanimously voted to adopt the Creation Justice Covenant on September 15. We submitted our application to UCC Environmental Justice Program 11/4/2019. We were officially designated a Creation Justice Church November 20 2019!

Book Studies were conducted in July and August on Climate Church Climate World.

In June, we hosted our first Movie Night “People of Faith as Climate Messengers”, as our Creation Justice Launch Party.

In December, we began laying out initiatives.

  • Small Groups/Carpooling
  • Tree Planting
  • Alternative Power
  • Food Source

In December, we also participated in the Advent Party with a Green Team activity booths on Napkin Making using all donated/upcycled fabric.