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  • Bring on the Glass!

    Bring on the Glass!

    A new line item in our 2024 budget is the Green Team.  The Green Team committee has been included in the Justice and Witness line item in the past.  This year we are giving them their line and budget.  The Cabinet recognizes the wonderful work they do and wants them to be able to budget…

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  • This is part of a series of “where we’ve been” historical snapshots of our ACTs and committees at UCC Missoula. We met January, March, April, May, June, July, September, November and December. Budget In 2019, UCC had a new boiler installed and began using all plant-based cleaning products, and all paper products, paper towels and…

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  • Advent Festival 2023

    Advent Festival 2023

    What a great festival we enjoyed to bring in the Advent season. Big thanks to the Green Team, the Faith Development Team, the Youth Group, the Congregational Connections Team and the Worship and Spiritual Life Team for all the fun and educational activities!  Truly it takes a village and UCC Missoula does ‘villages’ well!

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  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

    At long last, 52 solar panels have been installed at UCC and were connected to NWE last week. The installation was successfully inspected earlier this week and will be activated in the near future. When the project is on the air it should offset 95% of our electrical usage. The UCC Green Team wants to…

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