Wilderness Art Blog: Poems by Peggy Meinholtz

Wilderness Prayer


Help me walk away

from the hub bub of,

beeping, ringing and buzzing

of washer, microwave and car,

of electronic voices

telling me what to do

when to do it.


Iet walk into the calm of,


            Streaming water teasing song from

rippling pebbles and grounded stone.


 Nuthatch’s “me beeping, and their neighbors

Calling “we-were, chick dee dee, poor Petie”


Winds whispering through Ponderosas

the percussion of falling pine cones.


Cool breezes , warm sents of

Strawberry, huckleberry, cedar.


            Help me open my heart

so when I return,


 I may hear those who

Call for attention,

plead for help,

share Joy,

and offer compliment.


Peggy Meinholtz © 2024    

Penny Whistler at Waterfall


Water falls down.


Music rises up.


Breath flows through.


Music rises up.


Sun shines on snow


I rise up to follow

steep paths with music in my soul.

Ponderosas catch melodies

pass them to neighbor pine trees,

who send them out on alpine breeze.

Mountains respond to the harmonious call

echoing pines, flute and waterfall.

Deepening their sonorous blend,

All crescendo to a loud “Amen.”

“Amen, Amen,” we all agree

waterfall, pines, mountains and me.

Joined together with out rules or creed.

Music our blessing our communal deed.


Peggy D. Meinholtz © 2005 Revised 2020