UCC Missoula Constitution (2019)


United Church of Christ Missoula, Montana
Amended by Congregational Vote -January 2019
01. The name of this organization shall be the University Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) of Missoula, Montana.
02. University Congregational Church is a local church of The United Church of Christ.
03. This local church is incorporated in the State of Montana, is a member of the Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference of the United Church of Christ and is affiliated with the Montana Association of Churches.
04. The purpose of this church is to worship God, to realize Christian fellowship and unity, to
render service to humankind, and to strive for truth, justice, and peace.
05. University Congregational Church is composed of its members, whose organization
includes officers, the Cabinet, committees, ministry teams, and other groupings as
determined by the agreement of the members.
06. This church welcomes into its membership any baptized person who accepts the
Covenant of Membership as given below. As an Open and Affirming congregation, we celebrate our diversity in sexual orientation, race, abilities, and religious background.  Adherence to a particular doctrine is not required.
07. The members of this church comprise the decision-making body of the church. A member shares all rights and responsibilities.
08. Termination of membership may be by letter of transfer to another church, by personal request of the member, or by inactivity. Members who have become inactive will be contacted periodically by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Cabinet to determine their interest in remaining members of the church.
We are a free people of the United Church of Christ, set free to love God and each other.
We regard the church as a fellowship with a common purpose, to follow Jesus Christ, striving for truth, justice, and peace. We believe each person seeks a relationship with God. We believe God’s will is revealed to us through our participation in a covenanted community of sharing, service, and worship within and beyond Missoula.
We will work together in the life of this congregation seeking harmony with God, humanity, and nature. We endeavor in this congregation to share our ministry in such a way that all the people of this church are encouraged and equipped to serve the ministry to which they feel called.
10. The governing body of this church is the members assembled in a properly convened Congregational Meeting.
11. The ministry of this church is organized into a Cabinet, ministry teams, and committees elected by, authorized by, and responsible to the congregation of members. The Cabinet, ministry teams, and committees may organize and delegate to other groups as needed to complete their work under their supervision.
12. Selection and operating procedures for the Cabinet, ministry teams, and committees are described in the Bylaws Articles 1, IV, and V, respectively.
13. Members are responsible for honoring their covenant of membership.
14. The Cabinet is responsible for faithfully representing the members and shall serve as the decision-making body for significant decisions made outside of Congregational Meetings. The Cabinet shall follow this constitution and bylaws in carrying out its responsibilities and communicate and collaborate with members, pastors, staff, ministry teams, and committees as they carry out their respective responsibilities.

15. The pastor(s) are responsible for the spiritual leadership of the congregation with
responsibilities to include the use of the pulpit, the sacraments, all services of public
worship, and the pastoral care of membership. The pastor(s) shall also have general
supervision and oversight of the administrative functions and staff necessary to the
continuous daily operation of the church. The pastors shall strive to keep the Cabinet informed of all significant activities affecting the local church, conference, and national   denomination.
16. Staff are responsible for carrying out duties of their positions, maintaining confidentiality, and supporting the mission of the church.
17. Specific responsibilities for the Cabinet, pastors, and staff are detailed in the bylaws.
18. The officers of the church membership shall be a moderator, a vice-moderator, a clerk, and a treasurer. They shall have voting rights on the Cabinet.
19. The officers shall be elected at an annual Congregational Meeting to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting or until their successors have been elected.
20. Duties for each officer are described in the Bylaws, Article Ill.
21. Properly convened Congregational Meetings Congregational Meetings require advanced notification of the meeting communicated to members at least fifteen days before such meetings, either electronically or by mail.
22. There will be two regularly scheduled Congregational Meetings per year.
23. At some time during either of the two regularly scheduled Congregational Meetings, the congregation will elect church officers, ministry teams, and standing committees, approve a statement of objectives for the upcoming year, and approve an annual budget for the fiscal year January 1 through December 31.
24. Special meetings of the congregation are called either by the moderator or by the clerk
upon written request of 5 percent of the membership to act on specific items of business to
be listed in the call to meeting.
25. The vote of a majority of members at a Congregational Meeting will decide the action of the church, except for constitutional revisions and calling a pastor (see Constitution, Article X and Bylaws, Article Vl).
26. All matters decided by a congregational vote require a quorum of ten percent of the church members.
27. Action items at Congregational Meetings will follow the general procedure of motion, second, discussion, and vote. The Cabinet may hold open discussion sessions prior to the Congregational Meeting.
28. University Congregational Church, as a duly incorporated entity in the State of Montana, has title and rights to all real and personal property located at 405 University Avenue, Missoula, MT and cash and investments held in third-party accounts.
29. The University Congregational Church has certain long-term investments that the
Investment Committee will manage under the direction of the Cabinet, in compliance with
the Bylaws. Those investments are divided into three categories of Investment Funds: (a)
The University Congregational Church General Long- Term Fund (the “Long-Term Fund”); (b) the University Congregational Church Permanent Endowment Fund (the “Permanent Endowment”); and (c) such Other Investment Funds as the Cabinet may approve from time- to-time.
30. Upon dissolution of the church, its assets and property will be transferred to the Montana- Northern Wyoming Conference of the United Church of Christ.
31. “God hath yet more light and truth to break forth upon us,” therefore this constitution or bylaws may be amended, superseded, or revoked by two-thirds affirmative vote of members present at a duly called Congregational Meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed changes have been given to membership in the meeting announcement fifteen days before the meeting.