Creation Justice Covenant

Our Creation Justice Covenant was voted upon and unanimously adopted by the congregation on September 15, 2019.

Climate crisis is an urgent, all-encompassing, worldwide emergency.

In affirming the divine gifts of creation and in affirming our connection to God, each other, and the world around us, we unconditionally commit ourselves as individuals and as a congregation to the intertwined responsibilities of caring for creation and seeking justice for the oppressed.

With purposeful resolve, we commit ourselves with an awareness of how the abuses of creation inevitably cause human suffering and of how factors such as race, class, and global inequality inevitably cause some to suffer more than others. Furthermore, as humanity confronts the current and future crisis of damage to the climate, the Earth, and all creatures, we commit ourselves with an urgent sense of calling.

We desire that these deeply felt commitments be reflected in all the dimensions of our congregation’s life. We commit to launch ourselves beyond the walls of our church to make good on our promises to God our Creator, to Jesus the Redeemer of Creation, and to the Holy Spirit the Sustainer of Creation.

It is vitally important for us as persons of faith to care for the creation given to all living beings by the first light of existence. The world is of God, from God and within it we are a part of the love of creation. What we do with each moment on Earth impacts us all.

UCC Missoula Creation Justice covenant adopted September 15, 2019

From the Green Team’s2019 in Review” document:

In March, we began going through the Creation Justice accreditation requirements and began the process. In May, Green Team members met with small groups to conduct interviews and crafted a Creation Justice Covenant. We distributed the Draft Covenant to the Cabinet in May and the Congregation in July. Green Team held after Church Listening Meetings in July, August, and September. The Congregation unanimously voted to adopt the Creation Justice Covenant on September 15. We submitted our application to UCC Environmental Justice Program 11/4/2019. We were officially designated a Creation Justice Church November 20 2019!