Area Coordinating Teams (ACTs) and Committees

Why Volunteer at UCC?

  • We are a self-governing, Congregational Church.
  • We define our culture.
  • Your voice will be heard.

As established in UCC’s Constitution, the Area Coordinating Teams (ACTs) or ministry teams, organize and carry out the broad ministries and mission of the congregation, and are:

The Standing Committees organize and carry out the internal affairs of the congregation, and are:

Executive Committee, responsible for coordinating the Cabinet’s activities, setting the Cabinet agenda, facilitating communications between the Cabinet, staff, teams, and committees.

Nominating Committee, responsible for preparing the annual slate of nominees for positions in the Cabinet, ministry teams, and standing committees, and for recommending mid-year replacements for open positions.

Personnel Committee, responsible for position descriptions of all staff other than the pastor(s), participating in employment processes, and providing a neutral presence during performance evaluations if requested.

Finance Committee, responsible for proposing the annual operating budget for Cabinet and congregational approval, monitoring monthly receipts and disbursements.

Investment Committee, responsible for managing the designated and non-designated monies in long-term investment fund(s), reports quarterly to the Cabinet on the health of such fund(s) and recommends changes.

Pastoral Relations Committee, responsible for maintaining relationships between the pastor(s) and the members of the congregation, consulting with the pastor(s) on his/her specific responsibilities, reviewing the mutual health of the church’s call and the pastor(s)’ calling.

Other Committees and Programs:

Other volunteer roles: