Justice and Witness

Justice and Witness involves us in transformative missions and promotes greening our lifestyles. The committee currently has 3 members and would like to expand to 6+ members.

  • Providing for those in need
  • Works with community partners
  • Promoting social justice
    • Working to understand the effects of colonization on Indigenous peoples as well as deepening our understandings of land acknowledgements and how they might be better realized in our lives.
    • Advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and individuals (Queer, Trans, and Gender Expansive Allyship and Advocacy group), reproductive rights, economic equality, justice for BIPOC communities, and abolition of the death penalty.
  • Becoming responsible stewards of God’s creation

News from the Justice and Witness team:

  • Supplies Needed for Sylvia’s Store Backpacks – 2024

    *Please note: This is a very specific list.  Please bring items from this list only.  Sylvia has limited space and has already collected some items (ie, pencils, pens, markers).  Pictures are to help explain what an item is; items do not need to be these same brands/colors.  If you have any questions, please contact Robin…

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  • Support the Poverello Center!

    Lorraine Carlson from First United Methodist Church is seeking assistance with the following event, as well as with their ongoing Saturday sack lunch making sessions. Homeless Connect, now called Project Community Connect, will be held this year at the Missoula Public Library from 10:00 to 3:00 on March 27.  They have asked First United Methodist Church…

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  • The Truth and Healing around Colonization Group Meeting

    The Truth and Healing around Colonization Group will meet on Thursday, March 7 at 1:30 to plan a couple of spring events for the UCC congregation that will help us to live into the words we say in our People and Land Acknowledgement.

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Justice and Witness is an Area Coordinating Team (ACT) at UCC Missoula.