New 2024 Budget Items

Stop Sending Money (to the Conference)

One of the new features of the 2024 budget is to include the church’s offering to the Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference as part of our regular budget.  For the last five years, the church has sent a reduced contribution to the Conference office.  We asked church individuals to make a separate commitment to the Conference in addition to their commitment to our church.  The hope was that between the individual and church offerings we would reach the dollar amount we had given in previous years.  This year our hope is to go back to sending a percentage of our non-program budget to the Conference for the support we receive from them. 

What does this mean for you?  It means If you have given to the Conference separately, you may stop that payment.  It also means if you held back some funds to pay the Conference, you may give those funds to the church to be used to fulfill our offering to the Conference.
Thank you for your Generosity.  Because of YOU, our church changes lives!

Bring on the Glass!

A new line item in our 2024 budget is The Green Team.  The Green Team committee has been included in the Justice and Witness line item in the past.  This year we are giving them their line and budget.  The Cabinet recognizes the wonderful work they do and wants them to be able to budget for their activities independent of Justice and Witness.

One of the projects they want to fund is the cost of the church’s glass recycling.  In the past church members who wished to use the service, paid a set amount each quarter.  Now all our church members and friends may use the glass recycling for no fee.

Thank you to the Green Team for sponsoring our church’s Glass Recycling Program.  Because of THEM, our church is changing lives.

Mission Partners

A new line item in the 2024 budget is Mission Partners.  In previous years, we had several different non-profit organizations which we have partnered with both in volunteer opportunities and in giving financial support.  No decisions or determinations have been made at this time.  The Cabinet is simply setting aside $2000 as a start for possibilities.  Very often partner relationships come to life through committees or groups of individuals in the church who want to develop deeper connections with non-profits.  Hopefully this line item will create some deep and creative conversations about how we live out our beliefs in action.  Remember because of YOU, our church changes lives.