Children’s Ministry: Church School

UCC offers Church School for pre-K, K-3rd, and 4th-5th graders every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. Children join adults in the sanctuary for the “children’s time” and then go to the Church School room with their adult to get signed in.  Our creative, inclusive Church School curriculum includes prayers stations, scripture study, object lessons, service projects, care cards, crafts, and music. Each year the Church School presents a Christmas pageant as well as other special events.  We also offer inter-generational worship services several time per year. Families of all descriptions are welcome here!

UCC Missoula’s Safe Church guidelines help protect the safety of the children and youth in our care.  Therefore, we do not post or reproduce images of people under the age of 18 on any of our social media platforms, publications, or streamed services or events.

News and Updates from Children’s Ministry:

  • News From Children’s Ministry (March 7, 2024)

    Let’s talk about praying, this fourth Sunday of Lent! What is praying? How can we pray? What different kind of prayers are there? Prayer can be part of literally everything we do, and -though it can- it doesn’t have to look like kneeling on the ground with eyes closed and palms together. In the story…

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  • News From Children’s Ministry: February 29, 2024

    Hello Everyone, and happy March! These “Lenten” days are indeed getting longer: though we have plenty of cold and snowy days ahead, it isn’t too early to begin noticing signs of Spring (buttercups! Birds!). This Sunday, we share another Moses story, “The Burning Bush.” We will wonder together: why does God ask Moses to take…

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  • News From Children’s Ministry: February 15 2024

    As in past years, this week the children will hide an “Alleluia” banner after our Children’s Time, since we don’t say the word Alleluia from now until Easter. For children, Lent is simply a time to get ready for Easter (what does this mean, and feel like?). In Church School, we will tell the story…

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Children’s Ministry is part of the Faith Development Area Coordinating Team.