Truth and Healing around Colonization Group

The Truth and Healing around Colonization group is proposing an experiment. After two years of reading, research, and discussion, we have composed a different Land Acknowledgement—A People and Land Acknowledgement–and are inviting the UCC congregation to try living into this acknowledgement together over the next few months. In Pastor John’s words from his January 21st Sermon, to make space for it, engaging in reflection and conversation around it.  For example, in the pews you will find slips of paper on which you might share responses to it; or, you might talk with one of us during coffee; and on Feb 11, we hold a listening session at 11:30 in the sanctuary to share impressions.

In the interest of truth and healing, we the people of University Congregational Church acknowledge that our church is built on lands taken from Séliš and Ql̓ispé people. They cherished and cared for this land as their home, a place for trade, raising families, sharing their stories, as well as for ceremonial purposes. Having witnessed the historical and ongoing harm done by colonization to Indigenous lifeways, cultures, and the land, we want to learn from the original stewards of this place. We commit ourselves to being allies and taking action to work toward a more just and equitable future.

News and Updates from the Truth and Healing around Colonization group:

  • Supplies Needed for Sylvia’s Store Backpacks – 2024

    *Please note: This is a very specific list.  Please bring items from this list only.  Sylvia has limited space and has already collected some items (ie, pencils, pens, markers).  Pictures are to help explain what an item is; items do not need to be these same brands/colors.  If you have any questions, please contact Robin…

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  • The Truth and Healing around Colonization Group Meeting

    The Truth and Healing around Colonization Group will meet on Thursday, March 7 at 1:30 to plan a couple of spring events for the UCC congregation that will help us to live into the words we say in our People and Land Acknowledgement.

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  • Revised People and Land Acknowledgement: February 25, 2024

    The Truth and Healing around Colonization Group thanks the UCC congregation for the insights shared with us about the new People and Land Acknowledgement. Drawing on your feedback, we have revised, and we share this new version below. We will be using this version in the weeks to come. As before, there are slips of…

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The Truth and Healing around Colonization group is part of the Justice and Witness Area Coordinating Team (ACT).