Faith Development

Faith Development is an Area Coordinating Team (ACT) at UCC Missoula which welcomes children, youth, and young adults and fosters intergenerational connections.

  • Provides ongoing support and activities for children, youth and young adults.
    • Children’s Church School (during worship service Sept-May)
    • Middle School/High School Activities – weekly activities with ages 12-18 curriculum (Sept-May)
    • Plan youth retreats and/or mission trips (budget dependent).
    • Support, plan, and coordinate youth-adult service projects.
    • Provide support to children and youth as they develop their own personal faith, values, and identity.
  • Planning and oversight of intergenerational activities, such as: participation in worship, service activities, and coordination with worship teams.

News from Youth Ministry:

  • Youth Announcements (March 7, 2024)

    This Sunday the high school youth are going to make pizzas and have some discussion around wilderness experiences!  We will meet in the youth group room down in the preschool wing at 11:15am and end at 1pm.   Family Bowling: Sunday March 10th @ 4pm.  We have 5 lanes already reserved and can reserve more, but need to know…

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  • Youth Announcements: February 29, 2024

    Family Game Night @ UCC This Sunday, March 3rd, we are having a Family Game Night & Pizza @ UCC!  It will be a fun night for all ages!  We will start at 4:30 pm with games! Have dinner around 5 pm and continue playing!  Try out Spoons, Apples To Apples, and any games you want to bring!  There will also be…

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  • Youth Announcements: February 15 2024

    Two weeks ago was the UCC canned food drive kick-off,  and the middle school youth had a great time passing out fliers and bags around the church neighborhood. This Sunday the youth are going to be picking up the canned food from the neighborhood!! Afterwards, we will come back and make small individual heart shaped…

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News from Children’s Ministry:

  • News From Children’s Ministry (March 7, 2024)

    Let’s talk about praying, this fourth Sunday of Lent! What is praying? How can we pray? What different kind of prayers are there? Prayer can be part of literally everything we do, and -though it can- it doesn’t have to look like kneeling on the ground with eyes closed and palms together. In the story…

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  • News From Children’s Ministry: February 29, 2024

    Hello Everyone, and happy March! These “Lenten” days are indeed getting longer: though we have plenty of cold and snowy days ahead, it isn’t too early to begin noticing signs of Spring (buttercups! Birds!). This Sunday, we share another Moses story, “The Burning Bush.” We will wonder together: why does God ask Moses to take…

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  • News From Children’s Ministry: February 15 2024

    As in past years, this week the children will hide an “Alleluia” banner after our Children’s Time, since we don’t say the word Alleluia from now until Easter. For children, Lent is simply a time to get ready for Easter (what does this mean, and feel like?). In Church School, we will tell the story…

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