On February 14th we noticed that the furnace which heats our sanctuary was not working.  A visit from Garden City Heating the next day discovered that the motor on the 22-year-old furnace had stopped functioning.  It could be replaced for a cost of $1500.  But the repairman advised against that since other components of the system could also break within a few months and replacement parts might be hard to locate.

After visiting with the sales representative and presenting options to the church’s Cabinet, the decision was made to order a new 97% efficiency two-stage Lennox gas furnace.  It needed to be shipped from Salt Lake City and arrived last week and was installed by last weekend.  It has now passed inspection and is fully operational.

The total cost for removal, new furnace and installation is $10,794.  To date we have received $5200 to cover this cost.  The Cabinet is requesting donations of any amount to help cover the remaining expense.  Your financial help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  If you have questions or comments call or text Joyce Watson or contact the church office.