News From Children’s Ministry (March 7, 2024)

Let’s talk about praying, this fourth Sunday of Lent! What is praying? How can we pray? What different kind of prayers are there? Prayer can be part of literally everything we do, and -though it can- it doesn’t have to look like kneeling on the ground with eyes closed and palms together. In the story of Ester, we hear how Ester fasts for three days. We can imagine her prayers as “lamentations” and a “petitions” that her people, the Jews, will not be harmed. Depending on the day and the moment, we might say a prayer of “Thanksgiving” or “Praise.” We as caregivers can give our children the tools to pray, including for times they are in a tough spot or sad moment. This can be as simple as a breath prayer….We will explore creative ways to pray from our book, “The Peace Table: Bible Storybook” as we imagine gathering around a table to pray, and relive stories that lead to peace.

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