News From Children’s Ministry: February 29, 2024

Hello Everyone, and happy March! These “Lenten” days are indeed getting longer: though we have plenty of cold and snowy days ahead, it isn’t too early to begin noticing signs of Spring (buttercups! Birds!). This Sunday, we share another Moses story, “The Burning Bush.” We will wonder together: why does God ask Moses to take off his sandals? What is God’s message to Moses and how does Moses react? How might we react when asked to do something challenging or new? In Church School, we will tell the story together, and then move onto activities, including a Burning Bush art project, a movement game, and a song “Let My People Go.” Thank you to Rabbi Mark, Clint, and Kathy for helping out on Sunday!
You should have received a Children’s Ministry Email titled, “Summer Information and Survey: Please Respond.” If you did not get this email, let me know, and I will add your email to our list-serve and forward you the email. Thanks!
We would love for you to volunteer one day in March or April. If you don’t have a background check, I can email you a digital version or you can fill one out at Church School (it takes just a couple minutes). Here is the link for volunteering: