News From Children’s Ministry: January 4, 2024

We need Church School Volunteers for the January February and March quarter! There are 2 slots for each Sunday in case 1 volunteer is not able to make it. Having an additional adult will also help us be able to offer break-out groups according to ages. Sign up here:

The Day of Epiphany (Jan 6th) is when we celebrate the magi’s arrival to Jesus. This Sunday we will tell the story of the magi and their Epiphany (sudden revelation of something!) that is the Christ Child. Have you ever had an Epiphany? The magi would have spent years observing the skies and knew where every star should be as they gazed. When the special star of Bethlehem appeared, they noticed. Spend a moment observing something in nature very closely. What do you notice that you did not see before? Check out these articles for some photos and information on how Epiphany is celebrated around the world: Teaching English Abroad: Celebrating 3 Kings Day & The EpiphanyEpiphany: What is Epiphany and how is it celebrated?

All families are welcome to join for the ice-skating event this Sunday at 4 pm.