End of the Year Thank You!

Thank you to the angels who swooped in after the Advent 4 service Christmas Eve morning to change all the sanctuary and foyer decor from blue to the colors of Christmas IN RECORD TIME. Your gifts of time and talent were invaluable:  Amelia Tallman, Bob Heffner, Nancy Marmot, Jennifer Copley, Judith Holloway, Brad Herron, Terri Herron, Steve Decker, Katrina Dalrymple, Beth Rothermel, Kirk Reid, Pattii Nau, Patti Danforth, and Jeff Stickney.

And thank you also to the folks who attended to the luminaria for Christmas Eve and helped with the clean-up post-Christmas:  Cath Scribner, Suzanne Reid, Kim and Kirk Reid, Susan Cuff, Gary Hawk, Mike and Jeanne Guess, Susan Lauren, Melly Cooper, and Ginny Therriault. (and any others who pitched in!)