Chrysalis Men’s Group

Sunday, Nov 12th and every two weeks in the Bay Window Room

Modeled after a men’s Chrysalis group formed in Tucson, AZ under the auspices of St. Francis in the Foothills Methodist Church, many of us participating experienced a profound shift in our masculinity paradigm to one more open … more authentic … less burdensome! We meet every second Sunday at 11:15 am in the Bay Window Room.

The name of the group, Chrysalis, is symbolic of how men can experience growth and fellowship. It creates a space that enables men to explore, learn, share their stores and feeling. It’s envisioned to be a place where everyone is encouraged to be fully present; to tell one’s truth without blame or judgement; to pay attention to what has heart and meaning; to speak one’s truth in a way that respect other people’s truth; to be sensitive to everyone’s desire to speak and be heard; and observe deep confidentiality.

Chrysalis creates a space that enables men to explore, learn, share their stories and feeling or confront big questions and issues including, vulnerability, impermanence, racism, how to tame our judgmental mind, how to maintain balance inside of the chaos we experience, and “what is spirituality?”

For those interested in learning more and exploring the possibility of joining a men’s UCC Chrysalis group, please contact Larry D. or call/email the church office.